New Lipstick

Nude, Poppy Red, Candy Pink…we can’t resist for those new radiant and dramatically sensual shades. A new panoply of colors with multiple effects, matte or satin finish lipsticks, for all seasons and all cravings.

A collection of 30 addictive shades that look radiant on lips upon application. A panoply of irresistible colors with bright Nudes that layer to deep Black through Candy pink, Poppy red and Vibrant coral must have.

Their unique highly pigmented formula dresses up the lips with an intense veil that covers evenly and perfectly reveal color on lighter to very dark skins. Our Lipstick Collection is paraben free as well as fragrance free.

  • 18 Satin finish lipsticks
  • Thanks to their smooth comfortable texture, those lipsticks glide on the lips to offer perfect coverage and radiant color.
  • 12 Matte lipsticks
  • Their semi-matte texture covers the lips in beautiful veil of velvety colour. The lips stay comfortable and the color impeccable for 8 hours.

    0.11 oz

    0.11 oz $23.00


    • RGE04


    • RGE05


    • RGE08


    • RGE09


    • RGE10


    • RGE11


    • RGE12


    • RGE13


    • RGE14 MATTE

      RGE14 MATTE

    • RGE15 MATTE

      RGE15 MATTE

    • RGE16


    • RGE17 MATTE

      RGE17 MATTE

    • RGE20 MATTE

      RGE20 MATTE

    • RGE21


    • RGE22


    • RGE23


    • RGE24


    • RGE26


    • RGE27


    • RGE28


    • RGE29 MATTE

      RGE29 MATTE

    • RGE30 MATTE

      RGE30 MATTE

    • RGE31 MATTE

      RGE31 MATTE

    • RGE32 MATTE

      RGE32 MATTE

    • RGE33


    • RGE34 MATTE

      RGE34 MATTE

    • RGE35


    • RGE36 MATTE

      RGE36 MATTE

    • RGE37 MATTE

      RGE37 MATTE

    • RGE38 MATTE

      RGE38 MATTE

    new shades

    New Lipstick

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    Shania Location: New York Skintone: Medium
    November 12, 2015 The Best High End Lipsticks I purchased M38 today. I love love loveeeee it! I especially love that this company specifically generates makeup for women of color and despite the costs, i will definitely remain loyal to this brand. I can't wait to get more lipstick colors. Would recommend this product to a friend.
    teari1 Location: Maryland Skintone: Medium dark
    August 22, 2015 Lip Stick color I love blackupcosmetics...however, I ordered the RGE 14 thinking it was a nude-ish color according to the picture, but it's actually a bright red! Why don't the pictures match the actual color? And why doesn't each lipstick at least have a description of what the color is? It's a great lipstick, just not the color I was hoping for. I'm a little disappointed. Would recommend this product to a friend.
    inlovesince2004 Location: Georgia Skintone: Medium
    July 26, 2015 Bold, Rich Color Just rcvd #29 and #12. Beautiful! 29 is the perfect fall shade and #12 is the deep wine color I've been searching for forever. Would recommend this product to a friend.
    Darnella Location: Illinois Skintone: Medium
    May 6, 2015 Lip Stick I purchased your #27 lip stick and I absolutely love it! I think I am addicted to it already! Everyone ask me where did I get it from and I was happy to tell them. I will purchase more. Would recommend this product to a friend.
    Morgan Location: Colorado Skintone: Dark
    January 21, 2015 Love these colors !! I have been addicted to blackupcosmetics and !! Black companies for black people !! Colors so nice and lasting !! Would recommend this product to a friend.
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